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Police Department

Certified Patrol Officer

Deadline:  Until filled

 The Patrol Officer is responsible for the protection and promotion of public safety through enforcement of municipal, state and federal law in the Village of Milan, with specific responsibility for protecting life and property, preventing and suppressing crime and traffic accidents, affecting the arrest and aiding in the prosecution of violators, and providing general assistance to the citizenry.


  1. Education, Training & certification: High School diploma, GED or equivalent required; college course work preferred; Law Enforcement certified or must possess or be able to acquire standard New Mexico driver’s license; must be bondable.
    2.         Experience: No experience necessary but desirable.
    3.         Knowledge: Must have thorough familiarity with applicable laws in the Village of Milan and their enforcement, with particular knowledge of the disciplines involved in patrol work; knowledge of the community is preferred.
    4.         Skills:
  2. Literacy/Communication: Must possess ability to read, understand, and apply instructions, manuals, laws, regulations and general literature in the field, and to communicate such materials effectively to others; strong                             report writing ability required
                b.         Social: Ability to relate confidentially, positively and effectively with the public and with Village and department personnel is highly emphasized; advanced cooperative and teamwork skills.
                c.         Mechanical/Technical: Must possess competence in relevant computer applications and in the use of radio communications apparatus, weaponry, vehicles and other police equipment.
                d.         Professional/Managerial: Must demonstrate mastery of the essentials of law enforcement as applicable to police patrol work; must have ability to manage multiple priorities and organize and execute own work without detailed supervision or instruction.
  3. Physical Requirements:
  4. Physical Stress: Excellent physical conditioning and mobility without significant limitation is highly recommended; must pass a physical assessment.
                b.         Mobility/Other: Unaided ability to efficiently operate a motor vehicle and office and radio communication equipment is required.
    6.         Other:  Position subject to rigorous background investigation; employee must be: ready and willing to work irregular hours in accordance with the needs and requirements of public safety as directed by law enforcement chain of command; able to work under pressure and with limited supervision after initial orientation and training in the position; pass a psychological examination.


  1. Professional/Technical: Diligently enforces the laws of the Village of Milan, the State of New Mexico, and the United States of America, performing a variety of law enforcement duties and functions, including but not limited to:
  2. Crowd and traffic control;
                b.         Roadblocks, vehicle inspections, driver’s license and registration checks;
                c.         Radio communications, radar operations, weather and road conditions, monitoring and      reporting;
                d.         Service of warrants, summons and subpoenas;
                e.         Testimony in judicial proceedings.
  3. Administrative: Ensures proper recording and communication of information related to patrol activities, including but not limited to:
  4. Maintenance and management of records as necessary and required;
                b.         Preparation of reports, correspondence and other documents as required for internal management review and judicial and prosecution use;
                c.         Proper maintenance and care of assigned equipment and property.
  5. Coordination: Provides assistance to and communicates and cooperates with other law enforcement, public safety and judicial individuals and agencies, and assists with property investigation and documentation of cases for trial in consultation with other officers, the Sergeant, and other officials as required.
  6.         Public Relations: Ensures an promotes positive relations with the general public,   performs public speaking functions, and participates as needed and feasible in community activities and organizations related to job safety.
  7. Other: Performs other police officer duties, including call response, as required and directed by the chain of command.


  1. Residency: Employee must reside within reasonable commuting distance of the worksite.
    2.         Code of Conduct: Employee is accountable for being informed of and complying with the           Village’s Code of Conduct.
    3.         Attitude: Employee is expected to exhibit a positive, constructive and cooperative attitude in the workplace and with the general public.
    4.         Initiative: High levels of personal initiative, mature self-direction, responsibility and leadership are expected of the employee in this position.
    5.         Travel: Performance of this job is subject to extensive vehicular travel in and around the Village, and occasional travel out-of-community.


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